VIDEO: Donaldson tops poll with plea for Union

Jeffrey Donaldson has been returned to Westminster for a fifth term with both an increased vote and an increased majority.

The DUP MP polled 19,055 votes with Alexander Redpath of the Ulster Unionists 13,000 behind on 6,055.

Jeffrey Donaldson

Jeffrey Donaldson

Mr Donaldson immediately highlighted the rise of nationalism in Scotland as a “challenge” within UK politics.

“I want to make a plea to all unionists of a like mind, that we work together for the cause of the Union. The cause of the Union is greater than any single political party, and what we want to ensure is that the United Kingdom is strong and united and that is what my party, and the other unionist parties, are committed to. A fairer society for everyone, a strong United Kingdom, a better Northern Ireland and a better future for our people.”

Mr Donaldson added: “I pledge to work with all of my colleagues to make this the best place in Northern Ireland in which to live and work, here in Lagan Valley.”

The turnout in Lagan Valley was 56.2 per cent.

While the DUP vote increased, most disappointed will be Sammy Morrison of the TUV who polled 1,887, compared to a TUV vote of 3,154 in 2010. The UUP vote was also down compared to Daphne Trimble’s UCUNF total of 7,713 last time around.

Alan Love of Ukip will be pleased with his 2,200, as will Trevor Lunn of Alliance who increased his vote to 5,544 from the 2010 total of 4,174. Pat Catney put almost 700 on the SDLP’s total from 2010 with 2,500 votes.