VIDEO: Pastor McConnell – I want Nolan to give me his award

Pastor McConnell wants Stephen Nolan to gift a recently-won broadcasting award to him if he emerges successful from his court case.

He made the unusual request on Thursday outside court.

Pastor James McConnell

Pastor James McConnell

He had been asked by the News Letter if he saw the case as being possibly the most significant event in his career.

He thought for a moment and said: “I wouldn’t say it’s the most significant ... The most significant thing in my career is leading men and women to Jesus Christ.”

He went on: “But what has happened over this past year has been amazing. Here I am – 78 – ready to retire, and this happens.

“I’m on the Nolan Show three weeks. I put up his ratings. I believe [a] journalists’ association has awarded him an award for the Nolan Show regarding the Muslim issue.

“If I win this case, I want him to give me back his award! Because I deserve it.”

Mr Nolan won the Nick Clarke award last October.