Video: Police release footage of Saturday’s riots

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The PSNI has released footage of the serious riots which took place in east Belfast on Saturday.

The violence started as a group of people who had been protesting at the removal of the Union flag at Belfast City Hall returned to east Belfast.

PSNI Chief Constable Matt Baggott described the disorder in Cloughfern, Carrickfergus and east Belfast on Friday and Saturday as intense, and warned those involved to expect a knock at the door.

On Saturday violence broke out in east Belfast between republicans and loyalists returning from a protest at Belfast City Hall over a council decision to restrict the flying of the Union flag there.

On Friday night there was rioting in Cloughfern and Carrickfergus in Co Antrim.

Officers were pelted with bricks, bottles, fireworks and other missiles. At one point a railway sleeper was used to ram police lines.

To date, 101 police officers have been injured during the rioting, one of whom remains in hospital.

There have been 112 arrests connected to the disorder

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