Video: Row in flute band about playing outside Catholic church after plea by Orangeman

All but one band passing St Patrick’s Roman Catholic church in north Belfast respected the building by not playing music on the Twelfth night.

As Millar Memorial Flute Band, the first band past the scene of several controversies in recent years, passed the building it set the tone by marching respectfully to a single drum beat.

Saturday evening Mass was being held inside the church at the time.

Every other band with the exception of one passed the church to a single drumbeat and there did not appear to be any clashes with a smaller group of nationalist protesters than was present last year.

Scottish flute band Glasgow Orange Defenders was the one band to play outside St Patrick’s.

As the band approached the church, its members appeared to be having an argument about whether or not to play. An Orangeman marching behind the band came forward and seemed to remonstrate with the band.

However, as it approached the church the band chose to play Abide With Me.