VIDEO: Sainsbury’s worker David Reid suffers for Comic Relief

Sainsbury’s worker David Reid braved the pain of a leg wax as part of the supermarket chain’s fundraising efforts for Red Nose Day.

As Sainsbury’s stores across Northern Ireland put together a collection of ideas for Friday’s big event, David rolled up his sleeves, and his trouser legs, and put himself at the mercy of experienced beautician Joanne McCaugherty, who is also a HR Clerk with the company.

Sainsbury Comic Relief 2015

Sainsbury Comic Relief 2015

David, from Sainsbury’s Sprucefield online time, was one of many employees taking part in a range of initiatives - from bush tucker trials and checkout bingo, to an onion peeling competition and a visit from the local fire brigade between 11am and 2pm.

Sainsbury’s has raised over £84 million for the charity since the partnership began in 1999.