Walkers rescued from Fermanagh hills

NI Ambulance Service
NI Ambulance Service

Two men were rescued from the Co Fermanagh hills after a six hour rescue operation on Boxing Day.

The pair, who are from the Enniskillen area, had been walking in the park above the Marble Arch caves visitor attraction before raising the alarm.

A search operation swung into action at around 5.15pm on Friday and the men were finally rescued by the North West Mountain Rescue Team (NWMRT) around 11pm.

Operations manager of the NWMRT, Joe Dowdall, said the men had started their walk on Friday afternoon at the mountain park beside Florencecourt.

“But then the visibility dropped and they became disorientated and got lost,” he said.

“The weather turned and the visibility drew in and they couldn’t find their way back to the path.

“They phoned for help and because of where they were their call went through to the Garda Siochana. The Garda then informed the PSNI and they in turn contacted ourselves.”

Mr Dodwall said they were first notified about the men around 5.15pm.

“It was quite an extensive search,” he said.

“We did have intermittent phone contact with the men, as the signal kept coming and going.

“It is a large mountain and there was snow on the ground.

“One of the men was suffering from the cold.

“The men did the right thing by phoning for help once they realised they were lost.”

Mr Dowdall said 14 men from NWMRT were involved in the search which he helped organise from the operations centre.

He said both men were found and guided to safety around 11pm and neither suffered any injuries.