Warning issued after elderly fall victim to fraudsters

An elderly woman
An elderly woman

A number of elderly folk have recently fallen victim to fraud, according to the PSNI.

A post on the PSNI Facebook account reveals the victims were targeted via phone calls to their homes.

The post said: "In the past few days a number elderly folks have fallen victim of fraud in the Belfast/ Lisburn area.

"Someone purporting from their bank contacted them by phone stating that they are from Card Fraud Department/ Customer Service Department ,and claiming there has been unusual transactions in their account.

"Please remember that banks will never ring and ask us for our bank details like our PIN number or full banking password or ask us to transfer money from one account to another.

"If anyone receives such a telephone call, do not ring back the caller back on the number provided by them - look up an alternative phone number for your bank or call into your local branch if possible."

The post asks people to make their elderly friends and neighbours aware of the scam.