Warning over farmed salmon '˜being sold door-to-door'

The Ulster Angling Federation has claimed farmed salmon may be being passed off as wild and offered for sale door-to-door in Northern Ireland.

Tuesday, 4th July 2017, 5:07 pm
Updated Tuesday, 12th September 2017, 11:40 am
Wild salmon stocks are at an all-time low, said Jim Haughey of the Ulster Angling Federation

Jim Haughey, chairman of the Ulster Angling Federation, made the claim and urged householders and businesses to reject any salmon offered door-to-door, particularly in the Londonderry area.

He warned salmon offered for sale in this way “may well be the product of illegal fishing”.

Mr Haughey also raised hygiene and food safety concerns about “inferior farmed salmon being offered for sale as wild fish”.

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He said: “With wild salmon stocks at an all-time low, fishery conservationists are asking people not to buy salmon being offered for sale on their doorstep.

“These may well be the product of illegal fishing and therefore represent a significant threat to the future well-being of salmon stocks.”

He added: “In addition, there are reports that inferior farmed salmon are being offered for sale as wild fish.

“All this raises substantial issues of poor hygiene, improper storage, and food health and safety of these suspect salmon being offered for sale.”

He expressed hope that “the good sense of householders and business people will prevail” to “ensure the long-term survival of the king of fish”.

Mr Haughey said any legally caught fish should have a numbered black plastic tag through the mouth and gills.

He also urged people to report any illegal fishing activity to the Loughs Agency on 028 7134 2100.