Warning: you could be hit with a huge fine if you flout NI hosepipe ban

Anyone flouting the Northern Ireland hosepipe ban could be hit with a huge fine, NI Water has confirmed.

The ban was set to take full legal force across Northern Ireland from 6pm on Friday and advice has been issued on which activities are prohibited.

NI hosepipe ban

NI hosepipe ban

NI Water has strongly advised the public to adhere to this advice as 'ignoring it will only cause further strain on resources and could lead to interruptions to supply'.

And disregarding the ban could land you in hot water with a potential hefty monetary penalty.

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“NI Water would hope that people will voluntarily work with us to reduce their water usage over the coming days. Unnecessary use of water i.e. washing cars, watering lawns etc, is putting the water supply of your own household and that of your neighbours at risk," a spokesperson for NI Water said.

“A loss of water supply for households is a completely avoidable situation. however, if people continue to waste water it will become a reality. If everyone simply restricts unnecessary use of water, there will be plenty for everyone. By following the simple guidelines, it will negate the need to enforce the hosepipe ban with penalties. If penalties were to be imposed they can include a fine of up to £1,000.

“The ban would be enforced by NI Water and is a criminal offence but one which is prosecutable by NI Water and not the Police Service of Northern Ireland (PSNI).”

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