WATCH: Dramatic 'near miss' CCTV footage shows Belfast Enterprise train almost hitting trespasser

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Safety chiefs have released dramatic footage of a train going at 140km/h as it narrowly missed a trespasser taking a short cut across railway lines.

Iarnrod Eireann said the incident occurred last December at Kilbarrack station in north Dublin as the Belfast Enterprise service sped through a split second after the person crossed to the opposite platform.

It was one of 32 category one "near misses" that drivers recorded last year.

They warned there were more than 200 trespass incidents on the railways in 2016 and released CCTV film of some including a man carrying a toddler who was sitting on a push and ride trike across the tracks at a station.

Other footage shows kids on bikes coming off a platform along the side of railway lines, another person pushing a bike across the tracks and adults walking from one platform to another over the lines.

Rail chiefs released the videos as part of a campaign to end trespassing with the warning that a "short cut across tracks is a short cut to death".

A spokesman for Iarnrod Eireann said any one of the incidents could have resulted in a tragic and needless death or catastrophic injuries.

"A parent carrying a stroller who falls and hurts themselves or their child leaves the driver of the train in an impossible situation - trains take considerable distances to come to a halt even at moderate speeds, and a train cannot swerve around a stricken trespasser," he said.

"Furthermore, modern tracks and trains are a lot more silent and customers may not be aware they are approaching - as can be seen from the extraordinary escape one trespasser had last December. Trespassers have been seen crossing with headphones meaning their awareness will be dramatically reduced."

Platform end barriers have been installed at Kilbarrack in an attempt to deter people from coming off the platforms to cross the tracks.