Water supply at Stormont may have been contaminated

Stormont Castle.' Picture Presseye/Stephen Hamilton
Stormont Castle.' Picture Presseye/Stephen Hamilton

It may be thirsty work, but negotiating parties at Stormont Castle have been warned not to drink the tap water as it may be contaminated.

The Northern Ireland Executive Office has confirmed that an investigation has been launched into the potential contamination of the water supply at the talks venue.

A spokesman said: “Restrictions on the use of tap water have been put in place as a precautionary measure pending investigation of possible contamination of the water supply.”

According to one insider the fresh water supply has not been available since Monday.

“We’ve not been able to use the tap water from Monday.

“Maybe the lack of tap water will be an incentive to hurry the talks process along,” he said.

Talks are set to resume after Easter in a bid to resolve the political crisis.