‘We are all Jay Beatty’ is the clarion call as Celtic and Rangers fans unite against abuse

‘We are all Jay Beatty’ has been the clarion call since the Celtic superfan was viciously trolled and hundreds have shared his photo in solidarity.

Monday, 28th January 2019, 2:41 pm
Updated Thursday, 7th February 2019, 7:27 pm
Celtic fan Jay Beatty from Lurgan with Rangers fan Tim Webb from Portadown
Celtic fan Jay Beatty from Lurgan with Rangers fan Tim Webb from Portadown

His dad Martin shared the vile post last week, by a Twitter user suggesting the 15-year-old schoolboy, who has Downs Syndrome, be thrown into a Scottish river.

However since then Celtic and Rangers fans united in disgust at the comments with thousands voicing support for the Lurgan lad.

One Portadown Rangers fan Tim Webb, who knows the family said: “TeamJayBeatty. I’m disgusted that this wee man has been targeted yet again. Sick and tired of hearing of so called Rangers fans targeting this young man and his family. This is totally uncalled for. I stand with u all. It’s not the true Rangers way

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Celtic fan Jay Beatty from Lurgan with Rangers fan Tim Webb from Portadown

One woman wrote: “We are all Jay Beatty. An inspirational wee boy who lights up any room, brings a smile to every face he meets. The sort of people who write this disgusting filth clearly haven’t had the pleasure of meeting this amazing boy. A boy who has achieved so much more in his 15 years than most people do in a lifetime if he ever had the pleasure of meeting this young man he would be ashamed of himself.”

Another Rangers fan said: “The person who is slagging wee Jay is Not a Rangers fan. He’s got problems.”

David Campbell said: “I’m a Rangers fan and I would like to apologise for that sxxxxxxs horrible comment. No child deserves any kind of abuse. I hope that he gets what he deserves. Wee Jay is one of the bravest people I have ever seen. God bless Jay.”

And another Rangers fan said: “People need to wise up. He’s only a kid. Whoever’s doing it I hope that the police catch up with them and throw the book at them.”

Jay Beatty

Celtic fans from across the globe have been sharing messages of support with many changing their profile photo on social media in solidarity with the Beatty family.

It is understood the matter has been refered to Police Scotland.