‘We hate Catholics’ video: Football club issues unreserved apology

Still image taken from the 'we hate Catholics' video
Still image taken from the 'we hate Catholics' video
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A football club has issued an unreserved apology over a video circulating on social that appears to show people wearing Northern Ireland football jerseys chanting “we hate Catholics”.

The video surfaced on social media on Monday and has been strongly condemned by the Irish Football Association (IFA).

The 20 second clip shows a handful of young men and women, some of whom but not all, are wearing Northern Ireland football tops while chanting “we hate Catholics” to the tune of Tiffany’s 1987 rendition of ‘I Think We Are Alone Now’.

“This is utterly wrong and we condemn sectarianism in any form,” the IFA said on social media on Monday.

Now, Killen Rangers Football Club, who are based in Castlederg, has said members of the club “are present” in the video.

In a statement, a club spokesperson said: “A video has emerged on social media which we wish to address as a Club. Members of Killen Rangers Football Club are present in Belfast for the Northern Ireland match. Sectarian chanting is clearly audible and we wish to firstly condemn this behaviour without hesitation.”

The spokesperson continued: Such despicable antics have no place in sport, in society or indeed in life. Those who know us or who have had any dealings with our club will be aware that we have been doing everything in our power for the best part of a decade now to make our club more attractive to all sides of the local community. This work is ongoing and we have no intention to withdraw from this pathway due to a minority of individuals who really should have known better.”

The statement continues: “As a club we will meet and address this matter in line with our club policies and constitution. If disciplinary action is deemed appropriate then the necessary sanctions will be taken without hesitation.

“As a club we wish to unreservedly apologize to the Catholic Community for the obvious offence caused, and again emphasize that this incident goes completely against the ethos of our club.”