WEATHER: NI to be battered by heavy rain and strong winds

Heavy rain and strong winds are set to batter Northern Ireland this week - after our recent blast of heat.

Met Office forecaster Graeme Madge said: "Over the last few weeks we have had weather dominated by high pressure.

Heavy rain

Heavy rain

"It has given us higher temperatures but quite often we have warm humid air over the UK which was quite uncomfortable for some people.

"There is now going to be a spell of Atlantic air which will feel like a marked transition to the weather types we have had over the last few weeks."

Mr Madge said the outlook over the next few days for Northern Ireland is for quite a bit of cloud.

"Later on Wednesday going into Thursday we are going to have a return to more Atlantic dominated conditions.

Summer rain

Summer rain

"We had high pressure sitting over the UK for a long time and these still conditions we have become accustomed to. There will be a change this week when the jet stream is going to force other conditions through.

"So on Wednesday evening through into Thursday morning there will be strong winds affecting Northern Ireland and a period of heavy rainfall overnight. "It will remain windy through Thursday."

He added there will be heavy rainfall and "from Wednesday afternoon into the overnight period".

He said strong winds "will continue into Thursday" and that "the Western side of Ireland will feel the strongest winds".

Meanwhile temperatures will remain around the same - although it "will feel much fresher".

"Today and tomorrow temperatures remain around 17 or 18 degrees," he said.

"Wednesday and Thursday will also be 17 degrees - the difference being that with the Atlantic air going though it will feel much fresher."

"Friday will be around 15 degrees."

He added that Saturday will also see "showers" and "winds although not as strong".

"This is not wall to wall rain, there will be breaks and nice weather around," added Mr Madge.

"We are expecting this to be a temporary interlude into more Atlantic dominated weather which is fresher weather."