WEATHER: temperatures to dip to -5 degrees as children start mid term break

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Temperatures are set to take a turn for the worse from Saturday as children start their mid-term break from school, according to the Met Office.

As our little scholars start their break - Saturday October 27 - they will be met with “a cold morning start of -3 degrees” before “a windy day with sunshine and showers”.

WEATHER: Strong Arctic winds, snow and hail to batter Northern Ireland

Meteorologist Greg Dewhurst said: “Some of the showers will be heavy with hail and thunder and snow over high ground.

“On Saturday temperatures are going to struggle with maximum of seven degrees. It will then be sunshine and heavy showers.”

However, he added that Saturday night “will see temperatures drop as low as -5 degrees”.

School holidays

School holidays

“But after that cold start it looks like it will be beautiful day with sunshine - although temperatures are only likely to rise to 9 degrees.

“But with lighter winds it will feel warmer than Saturday.”

He added: “Sunday initially looks like a week of sunshine and showers, but we could see more persistent rain moving in as we move into the afternoon.

“The aftetrnoon could potentially be very wet but temperatures will be a max of 12 celsius.”



Mr Dewhurst said forecasters have “uncertainty” about the forecast for next week.

“The week ahead is more of an outlook than a definite forecast but it looks a mix of days of sunshine and showers with temperatures around 12 degrees each day and a fall to five degrees at night.

“We could however see some longer spells of rain at times - but it is not great weather for a week off school.

“After the Arctic wind this weekend we then see more Atlantic weather.

“I would tell anyone with plans for the week ahead to make sure they carry a brolly or raincoat.”