Weather: torrential rain to batter NI over weekend

Outdoor plans for Saturday should be rescheduled to avoid disappointment, with torrential rain expected to lash down across Northern Ireland.

The advice came from Met Office meteorologist Bonnie Diamond, as she revealed we are in for “a wet, yet warm” few days.



She said today temperatures will remain around 18 to 19 degrees in Northern Ireland, with the warmest areas being “in and around Belfast”.

“Tonight will be fairly cool and could potentially go down to single figures in places in temperature, possibly nine degrees,” she added.

Tomorrow (Thursday) will be “cloudy at times with a possibility of heavy showers” across Northern Ireland.

“The showers on Thursday could potentially be ‘hit and miss’ but ‘if you are caught in one it will be very heavy’,” she warned.



“The temperature on Thursday will be a maximum of 18/19 degrees and ‘fresh’ with bursts of sunshine.”

Friday’s weather ‘will be similar to Thursday with a largely nice evening for most’.

“Friday will be mild with temperatures around 19-22 degrees,” she said.

However, she warns that “things take a turn for the worse into the weekend”.

She said: “A band of low pressure is coming in early on Saturday morning bringing a band of heavy rain across Northern Ireland.

“It will also be a breezy, mild and wet day on Saturday.

“Saturday will be the worst day of the week - a dull and wet day.”

When asked if it was going to be poor weather all day, she said: “I would move (outdoor) plans you have on Saturday to Friday afternoon or Sunday.”

She said Northern Ireland will see a better day on Sunday, “but there is still a risk of some rain” even though “there is some sunshine breaking out at times.”