Armagh Observatory reports the warmest September in more than 226 years

Last month was the warmest September in Armagh for more than 226 years, it has been revealed.

Wednesday, 6th October 2021, 4:32 pm
Updated Wednesday, 6th October 2021, 4:36 pm
The latest figures come after a particularly warm summer in Northern Ireland. Picture by Jonathan Porter/PressEye

It was also the dullest September at the city since 1983 - and much wetter than normal - according to the Armagh Observatory.

It has reported that the mean temperature for September was nearly 15.5 degrees Celsius last month - around 2.9C warmer than the long-term average from 1796 to 2020, and 2C warmer than the most recent 30-year September average of 13.5C. Professor Mark E Bailey, Emeritus Director of Armagh Observatory, said: “As with August, average September temperatures at Armagh have increased significantly over the last 30 years or so.”

For example, he said, from 1961 to 1990 the 30 year average September temperature was 12.78C, but from 1981-2010 it had risen to 13.25C.

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The six warmest Septembers at Armagh are now 2021 with 15.5C, 1865 with 15.4C, 2006 with 15.0C and 1846 and 2016 - both with 14.8C - and 1949 with 14.7C. The warmest day of last month reached 26.2C on the 7th.

A total of 75.7 hours of strong sunshine were recorded during the month but it was the dullest September at Armagh for 38 years, that is, since the exceptionally cloudy September of 1983, which saw 67.1 hours.

Total September rainfall was 76.35mm which is nearly 11% more than the 1838-2020 average for the month at Armagh, and 17% more than the period 1991-2020.