N.I. Tuesday temperature to hit 22°C but there's a big change on the way this week

Sunny weather in Belfast city centre.
Sunny weather in Belfast city centre.
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The temperature in Northern Ireland is set to reach a warm 22°C on Tuesday but a big change in the weather is forecast for Wednesday onward.

Tuesday is set to be warm with the temperature reaching 22°C with some showers expected.

"A bright but rather cloudy day, although some sunny spells likely too," said the Met Office.

"Mainly dry to start, but showers breaking out from late morning, mainly in the east.

"Maximum temperature 22°C," they added.

Anyone hoping for weather similar to that seen all over Northern Ireland on Sunday and Monday will be disappointed.

Rain is forecast for Wednesday, Thursday and Friday with temperatures dropping to as low as 12°C.

"Outbreaks of rain push east on Wednesday, clearing late on.

"Some sunny spells and scattered showers on Thursday.

"Perhaps some rain on Friday," said the Met Office.