Sunshine set to return over Twelfth weekend

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While the weaether this week has largely been a washout, Orange brethren will be relieved to learn that the outlook for the Twelfth and the holiday weekend is much better.

Following an unexpectedly warm weekend, with a high of 21.3 degrees Celsius, it has been a wet couple of days for the Province,

But according to the Met Office that is all expected to chnage in time for the annual Twelfth of July demonstrations on Friday.

And those fortunate enough to have a day off work on Bank Holiday Monday can look forward to a warm and sunny day, with temperatures potentially creeping into the low 20s.

Tens of thousands of loyal order members will step out for their annual demonstrations on Friday, and while it is expected to be a cloudy day for much of the Province, spectators can leave their umbrellas at home.

A Met Office meteorologist said: “Friday will be a dry day with plenty cloud around, but perhaps some sunny intervals around lunchtime.

“Temperatures should be around 18 degrees, which is spot on average for this time of year.

“The weather improves as we go through the weekend. There is still quite a lot of cloud around on Saturday, but there should be some sunny intervals.

“For Sunday and Monday we have very sunny days both days. Temperature on Sunday potential around 20 degrees and on Monday picking up even more, so we could see up to 21 or 22 degrees across Northern Ireland with plenty of sunshine.”

The Twelfth will be celebrated at 19 venues across Northern Ireland on Friday, with 18 demonstrations organised by the Grand Orange Lodge of Ireland and one by the Independent Orange Order.

Upwards of 1,400 lodges will be headed by 800 bands from the various musical genres at the main and feeder parades and, weather permitting, scores of Lambeg drums will lead the lodges.