Why Croke Park gig fiasco is good news for one Brooks fan

Ireland's very own Garth Brooks, Jason Hughes
Ireland's very own Garth Brooks, Jason Hughes
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A Garth Brooks tribute act who estimates he has performed “thousands of shows over the last 20 years” says while he is disappointed his idol is not performing in Dublin “it also means I get more gigs to give fans their fix”.

Jason Hughes, 36, from Londonderry, said he has made his living out of ‘Ireland’s Garth Brooks’ and jokes that “I think I have maybe been doing it longer than he has”.

“I had planned to see Garth on the final night, the Tuesday, in Croke Park because we thought it would have been the best,” he said.

“Of course I am gutted but what do you do?

“It is terrible for the fans and for the economy in the south. I even know a fella who has bought 50,000 cowboy hats to sell at the concerts. He had a block outside Croke Park to sell his merchandise – and now nothing. He must be gutted.

“There is a terrible effect from these things that leave people out of pocket. But it is terrible especially for the fans. I know Ireland is very understanding.”

Mr Hughes said even before the five Croke Park concerts were announced he was “very busy”.

He said since news of the cancellation filtered through “the phone has not stopped ringing”.

“People have built themselves up for the concert, so if they want to see a wee bit of Garth Brooks, they are booking myself or other people to give them their fix.”