Willie Frazer: Dublin victims’ parade won’t be repeat of 2006

Willie Frazer said the parade was to take place on March 28
Willie Frazer said the parade was to take place on March 28

Victims’ campaigner Willie Frazer is planning to take four bands and around 300 people to march through Dublin on March 28.

The Families Acting for Innocent Victims’ spokesman told of his plans as he revealed he also expects to meet Gardai in Dublin on March 4 “to firm up plans for our planned parade”.

Mr Frazer told of his plans for another Dublin march for victims – in protest at the Irish government’s failure to cooperate with an inquest into the 1976 IRA Kingsmills massacre – which he claims the Garda has agreed to “in principle”.

The FAIR spokesman – whose father and three other relatives were murdered by the IRA in south Armagh – said he would be part of a six-person delegation including fellow FAIR member Pastor Barrie Halliday and victims’ relatives from the Kingsmills atrocity and the Shankill bomb.

When asked about the proposed meeting a Garda spokeswoman said she would “never confirm if we were having a meeting with anyone”.

Mr Frazer said he had already met with Gardai, earlier this month, to initiate plans for the 2015 Dublin rally.

“We met a couple of weeks ago,” said Mr Frazer. “In principle they (Gardai) agreed.”

In 2006, a Love Ulster march ended with a riot in Dublin city centre when around 300 protestors clashed with Gardaí.

Fourteen people, including six Gardaí, were treated in hospital and 41 people were arrested.

Mr Frazer said this march would not be a repeat of what happened in 2006.

After news of the 2015 march emerged, Dublin city councillor Jim O’Callaghan of Fianna Fail called for the parade to be cancelled.

Mr Frazer said: “We will have to keep the numbers down as more people want to go than can.

“There are ones from Enniskillen, the Shankill bomb and other atrocities who want to go.

“People are just sickened.

“This Amnesty International report which came out today (Wednesday) put the final nail in the coffin for us I think.

“You would think the only person responsible for it (collusion) was the British Government, but the people who suffered the most were the Protestant people living in border areas.”

Mr Frazer said victims were going to parade in Dublin to “demand justice, equality and respect for our culture”.

“But they could solve this by simply coming up to the mark and giving the information we ask for,” he said. “And what is holding them back? I don’t think we are unrealistic in what we are asking for and we are not going to be mucked about any longer.”

He said initial plans hope to see the parade go from O’Connell Street to Leinster House, on Kildare Street.

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