Wilson equates SF with ISIS

Sammy Wilson
Sammy Wilson

DUP MP Sammy Wilson has said he supports the message on a Belfast mural which equates Sinn Fein to ISIS.

The East Antrim MP was responding to a question posed to him by US broadcaster PBS.

The mural shows the aftermath of IRA bombings in London’s Hyde Park and Canary Wharf, beside photos of the aftermath of the Paris attacks.

Below the images, it reads: “IRA – Sinn Féin – ISIS, no difference.”

When asked for his thoughts on the mural, Mr Wilson replied there “has always been an affiliation between the Irish republicans and terrorist groups, especially in the Middle East”.

Mr Wilson was asked if he agreed with that phrase and he replied: “I do. Yes, of course, I do.”

Yesterday, he told the News Letter he stood by his remarks.

Reacting to Mr Wilson’s comments, Ulster Unionist Upper Bann Assembly candidate Doug Beattie said: “When it comes to condemning ISIS terrorism, Sinn Fein’s stance has been pitiful.

“Given Sinn Fein’s links to the IRA and the number of convicted terrorists within Sinn Fein’s ranks, it is perhaps no surprise that Sinn Fein would feel some difficulty in condemning ISIS terrorist activity.”