Woman: Finding out more about new training programme

Siobhan with FindOut trainer Kieran Devlin
Siobhan with FindOut trainer Kieran Devlin

When challenged with making a new start in 2016 and losing a little extra weight she had been battling with, one local woman took a different approach and rather than jumping on the bandwagon for an instant fix, she choose to change her mind-set in the hope that the constant rounds of yo-yo dieting would be a thing of the past.

Siobhan Casey, 52, is an extremely successful woman in her professional life; she currently holds the post of director of Marketing and Business Development with Age NI and has over 28 years international marketing, branding and strategic management experience, but she, like many of us battles to lose weight and ultimately to keep it off.

“Diets –I’ve tried them all! Every time a family wedding or big event looms, I’m promising myself that this time I will lose some weight, tone up and generally be a better me – I’m still waiting.

‘‘Through a work colleague I discovered this new course which not only encourages exercise and promotes good nutrition, it also educates you, motivates you and encourages you to change your mindset. I had to try it!”

FindOut is an exciting new, innovative, concept in training programmes designed to help people discover the secret behind realising their own true potential.

This includes a weight loss programme which utilises not only nutrition and exercise to help you lose weight, but also educates you to change your mindset for good and uses this education to help you to become more motivated and passionate to achieve and ultimately sustain your weight loss goals.

“Now that I have done the FindOut course my new goal isn’t to lose weight, I want to be healthy, strong, fit and I want to look good for my nephew’s wedding in July; losing weight as a result of that will be an added bonus,’’ says Siobhan.

FindOut’s Weight Loss Programme consists of three stages to get you to where you want to be.

Stage one is a pre-assessment- clients receive a physical MOT including body composition, blood pressure and a FitBit device. They also meet with Neuro Linguistic Programming trainers who will deliver their initial personal motivation consultation.

Stage two will is attendance at a two-night educational and motivational retreat in the idyllic surroundings of Lusty Beg Island where participants work with the experts to learn all the new skills needed to unveil the new you.

Stage three is the delivery of the post assessment review which will assess the participant’s progress against their initial plan.

“It’s a 10 week course and part of that is a three day residential stay at Lusty Beg Island. To be honest I was a little apprehensive about heading off with people I didn’t know. I didn’t need to be, I had a ball, met some wonderful people and really learnt a lot. On reflection it was having that time away to take it all in that made the difference. It gave me time and space to apply what I was taught”.

“I have been going to the gym intermittently for the past 30 years (months on – months off) and I have a reasonably good diet, apart from the odd very bad habit. The course is very educational and helped me better understand the benefits of exercise and nutrition but also I particularly liked the fact that I understand now more about my motivations and how I have self-sabotaged them in the past!

Kieran Devlin FindOut trainer and international trainer in Neuro Linguistic Programming says: “We now know that yo-yo dieting is not beneficial in the long term, in fact, say the word ‘diet’ to most people and they will end up putting on weight.

‘‘Our programmes are designed to help you realise your full potential. By changing mindset, behaviour and attitudes towards food I am confident that Siobhan will never need to go on another diet, she will simply have a greater knowledge of the healthy lifestyle choices you need to make and the motivation and self-belief to be able to continue to make those choices long into the future.”

Siobhan is feeling positive and excited about how this newfound attitude seems to be affecting her every day life.

“I wanted to find the link between how I think about food and exercise as I have never really got them in sync.

‘‘I now feel that I have the tools to actually make a change for good. Changing my goal from losing weight to becoming healthy and strong was step one and now I have practical ideas to help me achieve those new goals.

I’ve been tasked with 10,000 steps a day – it sounds like a lot, but its great fun finding new ways to reach that number and it’s really not as much as you might think – having a dog helps too. And when you add some exercise on top of this it all becomes very do-able.”

For every 100 people that lose weight 98 of them will put it back on – FindOut’s Weight Loss Programme aims to put you in the 2% who don’t!

The 10 week programme teaches you how to; eat consciously while feeling full and guilt-free; encourages you to move, take part in activities and exercise to speed up your metabolism to help you maintain your weight and feel good about yourself and most importantly enables you to regain control of your emotional state so you are in charge of you.

To FindOut more information on the Optimum Weight Loss Programme or any of the other FindOut courses please visit www.findout.co.uk.