1916 challenge to SF


Now that many of the political parties are reviewing their agendas, surely Sinn Fein should start to review the document, Declaration of Independence 1916, in time for next year’s centenary.

In less than 500 words, the document refers to violence, arms, militarism,and sacrifice at least 13 times.

Surely the several republican campaigns of violence since 1916 , have not moved the laudable goals of religious and civil liberty, equal rights and opportunities, the pursuit of happiness and prosperity one inch forward.

Is it not time that republicanism produced a more relevant manifesto, which demands the above goals by peaceful means?

Is it not time that republicanism stated that their brand of socialism, (economic and central control), is outdated and that this society must be more self sufficient in order to create the Happiness and Prosperity called for in the proclamation?

Tom Ekin