A chance to prevent Corbyn and a coalition of chaos

Letters to Editor
Letters to Editor

The DUP and Sammy Wilson (‘Every vote is needed to stop the apologists for terrorism,’ May 26) frame the debate as a choice between Sinn Fein and them.

This is a false offer for the people of East Antrim and Northern Ireland. Especially when the Conservatives are the real party of the United Kingdom.

A vote for my party – The Conservative Party – on 8th June is a vote to give our Prime Minister Theresa May the mandate to lead the UK out of the European Union.

The people I’ve spoken with from Glenarm to Greenisland firmly back the prime minister.

Wilson is wrong when he says Sinn Fein are on the sidelines when it comes to Brexit negotiations. Sinn Fein aren’t even at the stadium. It is the DUP who are on the sidelines. And with eight MPs they’ll never get on the pitch.

With your help we can ensure one more Conservative at Westminster, and make it less likely there will be a coalition of chaos headed by Corbyn.

Mark Logan, East Antrim