A dictatorship, not a flourishing civilisation, is how most sane people would describe Israel

Letter to the editor
Letter to the editor

In response to Morning View’s bizarre view (June 10) that Israel is the victim, I’m afraid you have been swallowing Israeli propaganda.

Israel’s actions of stealing Palestinians homes and land demolishing complete townships and building illegal settlements thereon (victim, how are you?) I ask the Morning View author what would their reaction be if his (her) neighbour stole their home and lands and destroyed them all and build themselves a new homestead?

I await their answer.

As for Israel being a flourishing democracy and civilisation, again you are having a laugh.

Even the world’s worst dictatorship would not act as Israel does towards it nearest neighbour (Palestine). Yes, they are certainly flourishing – who wouldn’t be if they were first awarded another’s people’s country Palestine by the British; then continue to annex (steal) even more Palestinian lands.

What other democracy does Morning View know of that when an individual decides they can take no more (everybody has a breaking point) they strike back at their torturer, terroriser and land stealer? – which is wrong but understandable.

Morning View’s flourishing democracy sends in the IDF to demolish the alleged terrorist family homes and business.

A dictatorship is how most sane people would describe Israel.

To be a democracy a country must have international recognised borders and only citizens who reside or have done so can vote in that country’s elections.

I ask News Letter’s readers: does Israel meet those democratic standards?

Peter McEvoy, Banbridge