A failed PM hopes that the DUP will save her skin

Letter to the editor
Letter to the editor

So it is any port in a storm for the Conservative Party.

Just as we thought Arlene Foster and the Democratic Unionist Part had reached their political nadir by their Renewed Heat shenanigans, along comes a deferential political failure Theresa May, in the guise of prime minister hoping that the DUP will save her political skin.

Despite the fact that Arlene Foster by her antics and arrogance failed to bring political stability to Stormont the DUP issued a grandiose statement, about ‘ Foster’s commitment to explore how we might bring stability to the nation at this time of great challenge.’

I know I know, you could not make it up.

As Theresa may reads this she should begin to write her resignation letter as she listens to the public outrage in England about linking arms with this outmoded party.

Wilson Burgess, Londonderry