A fit person to speak on behalf of the Alliance Party?


Is the Gary Spedding of the South Belfast Alliance Party (April 27), who launched a broadside at Jim Wells saying he was unfit for public office, the same Gary Spedding mentioned in connection with an incident at Queen’s University in 2011 when an Israeli academic was denied the right to speak, which brought shame on that seat of learning?

In 2014 (News Letter January 11, 2014) Mr Spedding was detained in Israel and deported to the UK, launching into a diatribe against that country.

After the Queen’s University incident did Mr Spedding really think he should have been treated with respect by the Israeli authorities?

Does Mr Spedding want to silence everyone whose views he does not agree with?

Some might say that Mr Spedding is not a fit person to speak on behalf of the Alliance Party but the leader apparently thinks that he is.

Ah well, that’s the Alliance Party for you.


Co Antrim