A great day for the UK

Letter to the editor
Letter to the editor

The people of the UK have passed their democratic judgement and those in the remain camp need to desist from negativity and scaremongering and accept the wishes of the people.

It is extremely gratifying we will get back control of our nation and be able to prioritise services and quality of life to our citizens, free of interference from Brussels.

The whinging from IRA-SF is to be expected, their so called cause has now even less relevance to modern day post Brexit UK, with the UK now emerging stronger as a unit and ready to build a great foundation on the global stage for the next generation.

We can now protect against the incessant flow of immigration, which will help steady the demand for housing and of course in turn, reduce the ongoing strain on the NHS and other frontline services.

Scotland is also undoubtedly better off within a stronger UK, being one of four component parts of a robust and stable nation, as opposed to trying to claim joining a sinking EU can be anything other than disastrous.

We will undoubtedly see the clamour from other states to leave in the relatively short term, which can only accelerate the downfall of this failed experiment.

The plans to introduce five more states into the EU is unsustainable, as is the present make up of the remaining 27 states who have been left to their own demise by the courageous stand our electorate have at last been able to make.

A great day for the UK, and a great day for democracy.

I hope outgoing PM Cameron’s words on working together will be acted upon and we can all now get behind the UK and make it the thriving powerhouse it can become in the coming years and build a globally flourishing nation, standing stronger together.

Stephen Cooper, Councillor, Comber