A misinformation campaign against Russia

Letter to the editor
Letter to the editor

Michael Fallon accuses Russia of “weaponisng misinformation” in order to destabilise countries and undermine the “international rules-based system”.

A little humility would be in order from the defence minister of the country which accused Iraq of having weapons of mass destruction with terrible consequences.

There is actually a massive misinformation campaign against Russia going on at present.

One small example is the way Putin’s comments lamenting the passing of the Soviet Union are shouted from the rooftops, while his statement that only a madman would try to reinstate it are not reported.

Putin has said the idea of Russia attacking a Nato country is madness, his foreign minister Lavrov says Russia wants to pursue a pragmatic, sensible foreign policy working with the West to further mutual interests.

We should be talking to Putin, for the sake of the Syrian people, the people of Ukraine, the people of Russia (no doubt mainly the poor) who are suffering from sanctions.

We have had ‘war war’ for over twenty years now.

It is time for much more ‘jaw jaw’.

Brendan O’Brien, London