A proud day for the Ulster Unionists


What a marvellous result for Tom Elliott in Fermanagh-South Tyrone and Danny Kinahan in South Antrim.

The return of two Ulster Unionist MPs to Westminster made it a terrific night for the party and a positive vindication of the direction the Ulster Unionist Party is going under the leadership of Mike Nesbitt.

All other Ulster Unionist candidates polled well in the other constituencies and we have good reason to be elated with our party’s election performance.

At a national level, it is also positive that outgoing Prime Minister David Cameron has been able to form the next government, and, over a five-year term, I have no doubt that he will be seeking parliamentary support from the DUP’s group of eight MPs and our own two Ulster Unionist MPs.

In this General Election, the pro-Union electorate in Northern Ireland has provided a strong mandate with now 11 of the 18 MPs Unionist.

A very encouraging development.

Jim Nicholson,

Ulster Unionist MEP