A scandalous outburst against Catholics in NI


I feel compelled to address some of the falsehoods in Rev Ivan Foster’s lengthy letter (July 27).

1. The Rev talks about Roman Catholics – the term Roman used as a derogatory term by some unionists to describe their Catholic neighbours, most of who, including myself, have never been to Rome. Protestants in days gone bye would not darken the door of a chapel. Thankfully that has changed and visa versa.

2. What Rev Foster do you describe as Roman Catholic terrorism? Let me know.

3. Young Catholics had to go abroad including myself, as a result of what you say is the old lie of abuses of the northern state against the Catholic minority. There was discrimination in housing, voting, jobs, including all major employers in Northern Ireland.

The RUC, electricity, telecoms, shipyard, civil service, councils, rope works, etc. were up to 95% Protestant

4. The biggest lie of all that us Catholics were reared to despise all things Protestant.

That coming from a Rev is scandalous and a slur and must be condemned by all right thinking people. I recall when walking to and from school, six plus miles, that a Mr Crawford (a real Rev gentleman) passing or meeting us and stopping to say hello we addressed him as Mr Crawford and had 100% respect for him and indeed the same for all our Protestant neighbours, who helped us as we helped them at the threshing or if a cow got stuck in a sheugh.

I must end my letter by asking the Rev Foster to withdraw this scandalous outburst.

He should be ashamed of himself. I hope the Rev gentleman has some Christianity in his heart towards his Catholic neighbours and publicly apologises and asks God (his and mine) forgiveness.

Peter McEvoy, Banbridge