A united Ireland within Britain

Letters to Editor
Letters to Editor

I believe reading the letters page of any newspaper gives one a true reflection of people’s opinion, on whether their politicians are giving value for money.

With respect to the people of this island, north and south, the tsunami political results of Brexit and Mr Trump will undoubtedly cause waves of concern to those who depend on political support to progress their dreams.

Sinn Fein’s long running saga (almost fifty years) to have a united Ireland appears to becoming more difficult as every day passes.

Their pals Messrs Ahern, Blair and Clinton, who contributed quite a lot of support to Sinn Fein in opening many doors for them, are now relegated to being nothing but “has-beens”, adrift in the new political arena where it appears nobody wants to know them.

On top of this, there is the Brexit problem and the potential collapse of the European Union.

Thankfully many people, north and south of this small island, are beginning to realise that a united Ireland within Britain is the only feasible option left for Sinn Fein to accept?

Harry Stephenson, Kircubbin