Abasing British standards by appeasing terrorists

Letter to the editor
Letter to the editor

Davy Wight (‘Appeasement failed in the 30s and it is failing in NI now,’ September 6) is correct in his assessment of the failure of appeasement in both 1930s Europe and present day Northern Ireland.

When Hitler was appointed Chancellor Franz von Papen declared “We have tamed the tiger”.

This mis-judgement has been echoed by politicians in London and Belfast for 20 years.

The appeasement in Northern Ireland has been founded on the abasement of British standards.

The carpet in the House of Commons has two red lines spaced two sword lengths apart, symbolising that force has no place in democracy.

How is this squared with the inclusion of non-repentant terrorists at Stormont?

The issue of “comfort letters” giving assurance of non prosecution is a violation of the principle of the independence of the judiciary.

We can but hope that even at this stage politicians in London and Belfast will uphold British standards.

Robert Wallace, Portadown