Abortion is not a normal thing

Front cover of Irish edition of the Sunday Times August 21 2016
Front cover of Irish edition of the Sunday Times August 21 2016

The Ireland edition of the London produced ‘The Sunday Times’ would probably be considered by its readers as an upmarket Sunday broadsheet.

It is to be expected therefore that articles appearing in the paper should be truthful; by truthful I mean giving a rounded picture of the subjects being ventilated.

Letter to the editor

Letter to the editor

It appears to me that ‘The Sunday Times’ fell below the truth standard on its front page, August 21, in an article titled, ‘Abortion travel tweets pick up star following’.

The article trivialises abortion; it pitilessly ignores the plight of unborn humankind.

I sent a letter to the paper’s letters page pointing out the omission regarding recognition of, and or respect for, the unborn.

Not alone could I not find my letter, but apparently (unless I missed something), and surprisingly, there were no others, making this correction, in the following week’s edition of ‘The Sunday Times’ (August 28).

Newspapers are a powerful medium and should be careful in their use of this power.

Through the good offices of the News Letter, please allow me to address my unpublished letter to ‘The Sunday Times’. My letter reads:

“On the Sunday Times front page, August 21, there is an article about two women from Ireland travelling to Britain for abortions; this one-sided article attempts to make it look as though some thing normal is taking place; glossing over the fact that two, or perhaps more (if twins are involved) unborn, helpless, members of humankind are being taken (no doubt against their will, if these little ones could but make their feeling known) abroad to be destroyed; unfortunately, since these tiny ones are unable to speak, or tweet, for themselves, they consequently don’t get newspaper space or coverage.

“It is obvious that they are seen as simply the undesired by-product of self-indulgent adults who refuse to acknowledge the real, but tiny, humanity – of the yet unborn – that their intimate pleasurable actions create. Imagine, my word, procreation creates life!

“In the article it says that Simon Harris, the Health Minister (in the context, surely a self-contradiction) asserts that people of his generation have never had an opportunity to vote on abortion. Well, neither do the unborn have the opportunity to vote on a matter which is a life or death issue for them.

“I suggest that if ever a vote to deliberately destroy the unborn was to take place, in the interests of fairness, that a proxy vote against, on behalf of the unborn, be included; say in or about 60 -70,000, equating to the annual Irish birth rate.”

Micheal O’Cathail, Island of Ireland