Acknowledging the sense of hurt


Malachy Scott (June 4) makes the usual republican mistake of thinking that the British presence in Ireland is about an external force (the British Government) ruling against the wishes of the people.

The British presence in this part of Ireland is an internal deep-rooted presence of unionist-minded people who are not going away.

This is inconceivable to the Irish republican mindset.

The result of our history is a stalemate where a hard republican in-your-face attitude is met with a hard unionist in-your-face attitude – think Ardoyne shops and Twaddell Avenue.

Malachy, neither you nor I had any involvement in creating the current political situation. We were both born into it. Neither of us is to blame.

I understand the sense of resentment that nationalists feel at the loss of land and rights following the plantation in the 17th century. I acknowledge your sense of hurt. But it wasn’t my fault. I wasn’t there. I was only born in the late 20th century.

I would like you to acknowledge that also. So given that you’re not going away and I’m not going away, now what do we do?

Thomas Stewart