Acquiescing with SF, just like Paisley

Letters to Editor

There are many who will readily agree with Mr A Thompson’s letter assertion, that it’s no longer ‘smash Sinn Fein’ (November 2).

The same party, despite refusing to even consider going into government with that same republican movement, but then sat in partnership with them in the executive for ten years, also failed to act in the On The Run letters, the security breaches in Stormont, as well as acquiescing to visit Irish speaking schools, as a sop, and then caving in and backtracking, after refusing initial funding to the same community groupings at Christmas last year.

In the early 1970s, their former leader once stood in a wee terraced house on the Shankill, professing to the occupant that “ ... one day I will be another Carson, I will be Prime Minister ...” thus proving that when it came to egotism and power, he was right, as in 2006 at St Andrew’s that was his last chance to be Prime (First) Minister.

The late DUP leader was the first to acquiesce back then, where he led, others have since followed.

William Spence, Belfast BT13

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