Act will be used to discriminate

The 'London' portion of Londonderry, expunged from a road sign

Sinn Fein demands respect, but shows no respect to the Protestants in the north by wanting to force the Irish language on them.This was done in the south in the last century.

The Irish language was used in the south to discriminate against Protestants and non-republicans in jobs.

Letter to the editor

In the early years of RTE it was stuffed with Irish language speakers; even today RTE spews out it’s pro-Irish language propaganda, and is pro-Sinn Fein and gives the party an easy time.

Protestants in the north are not allowed to express their political culture.

The police had to drop the words ‘Ulster’ and ‘royal’ from their name.

Londonderry had to drop ‘London’ from its name. The Union jack can no longer be flown over City Hall in Belfast except a few days per year.

An Irish language act will be used to de–Anglicise the north and to discriminate against Protestants in civil service jobs, and provide scores of privileged jobs for Sinn Fein supporters.

Discrimination in favour of Irish speakers is much more widespread in the south than people think.

This discrimination in their favour is in education, exams, and state jobs. There are grants for Irish speakers.

There is a lot of hatred towards the Irish language in the south, which is not acknowledged by the media.

John Hyland, Dunleary, Co Dublin

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