Alan Chambers is right about an Irish language act

Letter to the editor
Letter to the editor

I thank Alan Chambers MLA UUP for his excellent response (‘Alliance say an ILA based on cost and compulsion will fail, yet MLA stood smiling beside Adams for whom cost and compulsion is no problem,’ September 18) to Paula Bradshaw MLA Alliance regarding her letter of September 15, entirely justified given her baseless impulsive comments.

Allowing for the valid concerns strongly articulated by the TUV, DUP, UUP on behalf of their voters, organisations, media commentators and individuals, some from the Republic of Ireland and beyond, to accuse Alan Chambers of “prejudicial rantings” was entirely inappropriate and unacceptable.

Her use of such language will be perceived as an insult by all who disagree and/or remain unconvinced that a standalone Irish act is necessary.

I have yet to hear a compelling argument from Paula Bradshaw or Sinn Fein as to the rationale for an act, yet to see what Paula Bradshaw was supporting when she was photographed with Gerry Adams?

Izzy Whyte, Dromore BT25