Alarm at slower journey times in Enterprise Belfast-Dublin train timetable

Enterprise trains, above, are being refurbished but journey times are not falling
Enterprise trains, above, are being refurbished but journey times are not falling

Plans from Irish Rail to lengthen the journey time between Belfast and Dublin are alarming.

The plans would relegate the Enterprise service to the fourth division of inter-city rail services.

Letter to the editor

Letter to the editor

It would neuter it as a critical part of Ireland’s transport infrastructure which will be key to the economic development of both parts of this island.

At present the travel time is two hours 15 minutes as it was in the days of steam engines.

To introduce a new timetable which would make a bad situation worse is unacceptable and I fully support Translink in their endeavours to resist this plan which aims only to improve commuter services south of the border to the detriment of the Enterprise service.

Should this plan go ahead it would have serious knock on implications for longer term plans to integrate the Derry-Belfast line with the all-Ireland rail network.

I have discussed the issue with our leader Colum Eastwood who agrees that an urgent meeting with the Republic’s Minister for Transport, Pascal O’Donaghue is required.

We now have a month to have the new proposed timetable reviewed and changed with the endorsement of both Translink and Irish Rail.

The implications of this are so serious that a change of heart must take place but it will take a great deal of lobbying by everyone who is interested in preserving this wonderful service for the future benefit of north and south.

We cannot sit back and allow it to be slowly strangled by parochial interests that fail to see the bigger picture.

John Dallat MLA, SDLP Transport Spokesperson

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