Alex Kane backed source of problem


I read Alex Kane’s article (October 5) from start to finish. It’s five minutes I won’t get back.

You see the issue I have with Alex is a simple one.

He spends many words and much air time criticising the shortcomings of devolution, yet it is people like Alex Kane – the champions of the Belfast Agreement – who are actually responsible for those very shortcomings.

It is their system of government which causes deadlock and indecision. Mandatory coaliton was given to us by the UUP back in 1998.

Now they, and their one time spin doctors like Kane, have the cheek to criticise the out workings of it.

They talk about the need to normalise politics and move on from ‘Orange and Green’ politics.

Yet it was they who made MLAs designate as unionist and nationalist, enshrining division and sectarian head counts!

The hypocrisy knows no bounds. To this day the legacy of the Belfast Agreement is causing our problems, yet those who voted ‘Yes’ and those who did the deal are the biggest whiners and naysayers.

Maybe it’s time a few people, starting with the self-appointed “commentators” actually admit they were wrong.

Then say sorry. Then support those who continue to pick up the pieces and fix their mess.

Positive Vision, Fermanagh