Alex Kane has been wrong in predictions and is wrong about UKIP

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To read that in his column (December 14) Alex Kane has pessimistically written off UKIP’s electoral chances at the forthcoming Assembly elections comes as no surprise.

In January, Mr Kane predicted that we would have two general elections this year, with Ed Miliband leading an unstable minority government until the autumn.

In late August, Alex’s instinct was that “the DUP will withdraw, probably fairly soon” from the Executive.

Most recently, his instincts led him to ‘assume’ that Nigel Dodds would be anointed as the next DUP leader.

I would argue that writing off the electoral chances of UKIP at this stage is just another short-sighted, poorly articulated instinct of Alex Kane’s.

Earlier this year, in the general election here in Northern Ireland, UKIP were the TOP performing of the ‘smaller’ Northern Ireland parties, outpolling the TUV – who are nothing more than a vexatious one man band.

UKIP is a national party, with elected representatives in every corner of the United Kingdom.

We will continue to grow locally because people are wakening up to the fact that the same old names are continuing to let all of us down.

UKIP are a true alternative to the insular, inward-looking parties of old.

On May the 5th, my fellow candidates and I look forward to defying Alex’s pessimistic expectations, and to proving his instincts wrong yet again.

Steven Parkhill, UKIP Assembly Candidate for East Londonderry