Alliance is committed to an ILA as a means to restore devolution

Letter to the editor
Letter to the editor

I wonder about Alan Chambers (‘Alliance say an ILA based on cost and compulsion will fail, yet MLA stood smiling beside Adams for whom cost and compulsion is no problem,’ Sep 18) and his mischief making about Alliance and our support for the campaign for an Irish language act.

Politicians of differing stripes being photographed together isn’t a new phenomenon – Barack Obama and Donald Trump are in the same photos, but who really believes their politics are the same?

Even Robin Swann has been pictured with Alex Attwood – is this a new era of harmony on the constitutional question between SDLP and UUP? I doubt it.

Even if you accept they share a platform on a campaign, nobody would doubt different political parties might want to see different things prioritised.

The Alliance Party has articulated its position on an Irish language act, and is committed to such an act as a means to restoring devolution (as well as, naturally, supporting Irish speakers).

The Greens, People Before Profit, SDLP will hopefully make their positions clear too and we can start to chart a way forward on this issue.

Maybe this is more about sections of the UUP seeking relevance by attacking those who are trying to break the logjam.

Agreement on an Irish language act is the only way to move forward and restore an Executive which can deal with other issues which require attention.

It’s a shame that Alan Chambers spends his days being part of the problem, instead of being part of the solution.

Emmet McDonough-Brown, Councillor, Alliance, South Belfast