An impressive and moving speech by President Trump

Letters to Editor
Letters to Editor

American President Donald Trump gave an impressive and moving hour-long maiden speech at the joint meeting of Congress in Kentucky USA citing many areas that were of importance to the American people.

Despite facing much criticism since coming into office, managed to deliver a most conciliatory tone of message to the American people which seemed to be accepted by the standing ovation which he received for the points that he made.

One aspect that stood out for Christian people worldwide was his reference to the Bible and his reference to God several times.

In all the turmoil in the world it is comforting to hear words like this when so many have so little to do with the God of the Bible. Mr Trump also mentioned attacks on Jewish property and desecration of Jewish graves which has happened in America in the same way as happened here in Belfast which was a despicable act of anti-Semitism, which was deplored by both Christians and Jews alike.

Mr Trump is a vocal supporter of Israel and the same God he mentions is the LORD God of Israel in the pages of the Bible.

Mr Trump’s speech saying there is no greater love than to lay down one’s life for his friend and how all the people of that country must work together to make a brighter future, with the 250th anniversary of the United States coming up in another nine years time, is a far cry from the recent tone of things here in Northern Ireland which was also once making strides for peace in the eyes of the world.

It would be heartwarming if after the elections the new first minister would be able to give a conciliatory speech like Mr Trump’s at Congress that showed signs of true statesmanship and vision and vigour for the future.

Like Mr Trump I hope our elected leaders won’t forget the important role of the Bible and God for their country and may they be able to say like the American President, “God bless Northern Ireland!”

May that be the prayer of every Christian across the Province.

Colin Nevin, Bangor