An onslaught against the RUC, who protected the whole community

The Royal Ulster Constabulary officers sacrificed so much
The Royal Ulster Constabulary officers sacrificed so much

Well done News Letter in publishing the article on collusion (‘The growing myth of significant collusion with loyalist terrorists’, Ben Lowry, June 11).

My husband (now deceased) spent 30 years in the RUC.

Letter to the editor

Letter to the editor

Nobody knows more about what these men and women endured/sacrificed /etc than their families.

With all the emphasis on rewriting outcomes (you can’t rewrite history) we feel so devastated and helpless and can only watch this terrible onslaught on people who selflessly protected the whole community at great cost to themselves and their families.

Many many gave their lives.

Some years ago Al Hutchinson (from north America if I recall correctly) investigated this. He looked at the same material and his conclusion? No evidence of collusion!

This could look like a case of investigate, investigate until someone says what people want to hear.

The government has bottled it. What does it matter what the truth is ... easier to blame the security forces – they won’t bomb us!

I am not saying there were no bad apples who stepped out of line.

The surprise is the restraint exercised was unprecedented in the circumstances.

We need more papers like the News Letter.

Mrs G Coulter, Co Tyrone