An openly socialist Nipsa candidate


The overwhelming support by the working class for the openly socialist Jeremy Corbyn has caused a major crisis in British politics for all sections of the ruling establishment.

Another election that will likely cause a mini crisis for our very own ruling establishment is currently under way in Northern Ireland.

In November, Nipsa the largest public sector union with over 45,000 members will be electing a new general secretary.

At this moment there are two declared candidates, Alison Millar the current assistant general secretary and Patrick Mulholland a lay activist.

Both candidates are recognised as long standing, capable and hard working trade unionists, but there are key fundamental differences in both policy and strategy.

Patrick Mulholland like Jeremy Corbyn is openly socialist in his views, opposing completely the Assembly’s slash and burn and privatisation strategy for public services.

Patrick was instrumental in developing the Nipsa’s policy documents that challenge the current economic system and replace it with a democratic socialist economy. Patrick argues for real public and accountable investment in decent paid jobs and services in opposition to Assembly cuts agenda.

Patrick an active elected representative for Nipsa for over 25 years argues for full participation by members and the election of all Nipsa representatives and officers.

Patrick has stated if elected he will only take his current wage and donate the extra from the general secretary wage to anti-austerity campaigns.

Patrick is overwhelmingly seen by many Nipsa members and activists as a dedicated fighter for the rights of all trade union members and working people as a whole.

Patrick argues for an independent trade union movement, resisting the pressures of all the sectarian political parties to capitulate to attacks on our communities.

If Patrick were to win the general secretary position, the union would be in a much stronger position to fight the battles that lie ahead. Giving much needed enthusiasm to activists across the union and move many more members into activity.

I would urge all Nipsa members to vote for Patrick Mulholland.

Pat Lawlor, Nipsa member