Another bid to harass Christians


The decision by PSNI to proceed to the prosecution of Dr James McConnell is but another attempt by the state to harass the Christian community in Northern Ireland.

For an elderly and unwell Gospel preacher to be so treated by the PSNI beggars belief. What is his crime?

He preached the truth as he understood it. Dr McConnell does not see himself as being above the law – unlike some others in our country.

But he obviously believed that to declare the whole counsel of God to his congregation and also via the internet was a task that would have the support of the law. How wrong he was! It seems that if a minister speaks or preaches the truth and someone is offended he is committing a criminal offence.

The police can be depended upon to support the complainant regardless of the rightness or wrongness of the situation. Prosecution for speaking the truth is a form of persecution for the truth.

I am wondering what Christian police officers think about this move against a Gospel preacher?

Do they feel any embarrassment at this? Or have they too sold their souls to their police commanders?

I would find it hard to believe that Christian officers would be party to the prosecution of a fellow Christian and Gospel preacher.

Sadly, the Firm, whatever form it might take, has a way of bringing those who can think for themselves into line.

Christian witness within such organisations is thereby effectively neutered.

J. E. Hazlett Lynch (Rev. Dr), Co Londonderry