Another review of terrorism


Talks, Tribunals, Commissions have been the life blood of the so-called smoke and mirrors peace process. Every transgression required a new initiative and the latest revelations have prompted a demand for another deep clean of the household from terrorist activity.

The big model was General de Chastelain who declared that decommissioning of IRA weapons was now an accomplished fact. Mind you he did not say the IRA was decommissioned. He also declared an end of the use of the gun in Irish Politics.

Both the UK Prime Minister and the Irish Taoisiach welcomed the report after ten years, while the current Deputy First Minister declared it as a final chapter on the issue. However another chapter has opened.

Both Dr Paisley MP and Nigel Dodds MP were not impressed and requested comprehensive, indisputable evidence which did not happen; a shortfall which seems to have been tolerated by government and political negotiators to keep IRA on board the process.

I hope we have learned from the past and on this occasion will have enough transparent evidence to build the trust required that guns in government no longer happen.

David Barbour,