Appeal for information to help H & W book

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I am writing a book, to have the title H & W Engine Works in the 1950s.

To this end, I respectfully ask, if you would consider my following request for information, be published in the letters page of your newspaper.

Due to the trade of my apprenticeship, being a marine engine fitter, I lack the knowledge and experience of the working conditions, of certain other departments that I never worked in.

The people that I would most like to hear from, would be those who worked in the blacksmiths, boiler/tank, moulding, and fettling shop.

Their memories of working there, and/or the names of the people who they deemed “characters”, or impressed them in any way during that period.

I do realise that sadly, many of those who worked there at that time, are no longer with us, but perhaps their siblings may wish, to offer some contribution to their memory, they feel is worth putting on record in this book?

I can be contacted via my email address ( or mobile phone (07912558254).

Harry Stephenson, Kircubbin