Appeal to people of NW: back the PSNI


Everyone is aware that there have been a spate of republican attacks in the North West region but to hear Superintendent Mark McEwan say that since September 2014 there have been 15 bomb incidents in the Derry City & Strabane council area and 15 shootings, brings it home.

There is no acceptable level of violence and we must never view these incidents as normal. The courage shown by our police officers is in stark contrast to the cowardice of those who carry out attacks under cover of darkness.

As I have said before, the people of Londonderry, Strabane and the surrounding areas face problems in terms of jobs, housing, healthcare and anti-social behaviour. The people who plant explosive devices or carrying out gun attacks are doing nothing to help address these issues and are making life a misery for local people.

I appeal to the community to make a choice, to stand with the police and the forces of law and order, and support them to halt these criminal gangs.

Ross Hussey MLA, UUP,Policing Board member